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The purpose of the Special Services Department is to ensure that the school districts of SAU 7  provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to all eligible students age 3 to 21. Additionally, Special  Services will help to ensure that FAPE is delivered using policies and procedures that are in compliance with federal law and the New Hampshire Rules for the Education of Children with Disabilities.

The Special Services Department is not limited to special education.  The department covers a wide range of students including, but not limited to:

- Special Services

- Section 504


- Title IX

- 18-21 Alternate Learning Plans (ALT)

CHILD FIND: Each April we hold a DIAL screening event for children ages 30 months through 5 years. This date will be advertised here and in the newspapers! The screening evaluates motor skills, speech and language abilities, cognitive/academic skills, and social emotional abilities. This screening will support us in making referrals for special education services as needed.

In addition to this screening, please contact the Coordinator of Special Services, Jennifer Noyes (information below) if your child falls within this age range and you have concerns regarding the skills mentioned above. Local private pre schools have been provided with referral information and forms.

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CLICK BELOWTO COMPLETE A SPECIAL EDUCATION REFERRAL (This form should be completed when it is suspected that a student has a disability that is affecting them educationally (this could be academic or socially/behaviorally) and it is believed they require individualized instruction. Typically this occurs when other strategies are attempted and often after a pre-referral process has been completed (although that is not required). A special education referral prompts a referral meeting where further steps are decided upon). 


CLICK BELOW TO COMPLETE A 504 REFERRAL (A 504 referral is completed when it is suspected or known that a child has a disability where classroom/school wide accommodations are needed in order to provide equal access to the curriculum and programming. A 504 referral would not include specialized instruction with a special educator, but often includes related services such as speech/OT/PT). 


For more information please contact Jennifer Noyes, Coordinator of Special Services.

To contact the Special Services Department, please call 603-237-4104 at the extensions below or click the button to email.

Coordinator of Special Services - Jennifer Noyes - ext. 17
School Psychologist - Kathleen Foote - ext. 16
Administrative Assistant - Elise Fuller - ext. 19

NH Department of Education, Special Services - click here

NH Procedural Safeguards - click here