Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Because every learner's journey is unique to the person's particular talents, learning assets, and challenges, we are called to design systems that can deliver customized personal learning approaches. A competency education system recognizes that academic success alone is not the true measure of the learning and proficiency required for students to be ready for future success. But how do we teach and assess those personal success skills as part of the K-12 continuum of learning?  How do we transition to the future design of student-centered teaching and learning? This  fall  our SAU 7 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Design Leadership Team comprised of administrators and teachers from each school and level (elementary, middle and secondary) from SAU 7 and member school districts has been formed.  They will present a plan to the SAU 7 School Board in winter, 2021.



Competency Based Education: A Vision of Learning for All in SAU 7 - October 9, 2020

New Hampshire Goes First A Blueprint to Scale Competency-based Education across a PreK-20 System