Health Services

SAU 7 is committed to creating a healthy school environment that enhances the development of lifelong wellness practices to promote healthy habits for students and staff that support student achievement. We are committed to providing students and staff with the support to maintain health, which helps to enhance learning conditions for your children.

The Health Offices typically provide the following services:

  • Health records maintenance

  • Health screening and referrals

  • Vision and Hearing screenings (not performed during pandemic)

  • Medications and Treatments

  • Wellness initiatives

  • Emergency responses

  • Preventative health services and direct interventions.

In SAU 7 we have three health offices, one is located in each of our schools. Do not hesitate to stop by for a visit or contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


School and Family Health - School Health Offices have been working to reduce illnesses by teaching staff and students how to reduce the spread of germs. With all of us working together we can keep healthy and limit illness in our schools.   Please:

  • Sneeze and cough using the inside of your elbow

  • Wash hands often using soap and water

  • Use hand sanitizer when water is not available

  • Use a tissue only once then throw out then wash hands

  • Stay home when ill! Everyone needs to be fever free for 24 hours (without using fever reducing medication) before returning to school

  • Stay home 24 hours after antibiotic therapy has been started

  • Let the school know if an absence is due to influenza like illness (fever & cough OR fever & sore throat OR if your student exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19 or has recently traveled outside of New England.).

For more information, please contact Devon Phillips, SAU 7 School Health Coordinator.

School Nurses:

Colebrook Academy & Elementary School

Pittsburg School

Stewartstown Community School

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