January 1, 2023

Dear SAU 7 Families,

Let me begin by wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with many successes and continued progress! I trust that you had a wonderful winter break spending time with family and friends and getting some well-deserved rest. I am excited to welcome our students back to school  as we continue our work for the second half of the year. 

As we welcome 2023, I want to offer my sincerest gratitude to you - our families. The challenges of the last few years have tested our resolve. However, our school community’s resilience has been nothing short of amazing. I am extremely proud of families, students and school staff for their hard work, compassion, and determination.

The new year in January provides each of us time to reflect and look ahead to the coming year. From preschool through Grade 12 levels, our teachers have been focused on closing the academic acquisition gaps with competency based education at all levels. We support student learning and growth by providing careful attention to student progress at all levels and subjects through our multi tiered system of support. Here in SAU 7 we are committed to continuous improvement. We have engaged our students differently this year, creating learning pathways through the new North Point Career and Technical Education Center, and offering numerous courses with over forty college credits for our high school students as well as numerous industry credentials.  This enables our students to graduate high school with a head start on their college or career futures! (For more information concerning our CTE programs please visit our website:https://www.csd.sau7.org/caguidance/northpointcte )

The Colebrook School Board has proposed a building expansion and renovation project which will support the needs of our entire Preschool through grade 12 school population. This year we were fortunate to receive a state building aid grant which provides 60% payment of the project upon approval of the Colebrook voters at the Annual School Meeting in March. (For more information concerning the proposed building project, please visit our website: https://csd.sau7.org/proposed_colebrook_academy_and_cte_center)

We have so much to celebrate at the start of the new year - talented students, caring staff and engaged families! As we return from a well-deserved winter break, continue to partner with us and support one another. Kindness, guidance, and encouragement have created an invaluable foundation upon which our students continue to thrive and grow.

We are committed to making sure that ALL students are provided with all of the tools, resources, opportunities and choices to support their individual paths to be successful – something our communities have come to expect. Here is SAU 7 our mission is: To prepare all SAU #7 students for success in whatever path they choose.

On behalf of the School Board, we wish you a Happy New Year filled with success and happiness. We look forward to continuing to support our students as they learn and grow in 2023. 

Happy New Year!

Yours in Education, 

Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor, Ph.D.

Connect via Email: dtaylor@sau7.org
Visit Our Website: www.sau7.org


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Preparing all of our students for success
in whatever path they choose.

Welcome to New Hampshire's School Administrative Unit 7, serving PreK to 12 students throughout Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Pittsburg and Stewartstown. After a summer of planning, training and preparation, we welcomed our students back to school in SAU 7 on Tuesday, August 30, 2022. We begin full day in person instruction following our Back to School Guidelines.

Superintendent Dr. Debra Taylor visits each school on the first day and weekly, welcoming students and checking with faculty and staff.

“I am so proud of our students and staff for their efforts and appreciative of the support and confidence of our parents and community.”

- Superintendent Debra Taylor

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