Connecticut River Collaborative Explores School Merger

Students holding hands

Over the past two years, the school boards, superintendents and representatives from the communities of NEK Choice & Canaan, Vermont; and the New Hampshire communities of Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Pittsburg and Stewartstown have been meeting regularly to research and develop a concept model that would provide more educational offerings for students at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers.  

As a result of these meetings, the CRCPC was established in 2019 to investigate the pros and cons of creating an Interstate School District committed to improving education in the North Country. A stronger Career Technical Education (CTE) program, extensive dual enrollment college courses, increased foreign language offerings, and a larger variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related options were all seen as necessary and important to help students be successful in whatever path they choose beyond high school.  

By combining our strengths, we can increase the options and avenues available to students to explore their interests, achieve their goals, and realize their dreams.

While the primary focus of our vision is on the education of students, there is also the underlying belief that a unified educational system will not only be a strong partner in the revitalization of this beautiful region; but will also help us attract and retain young people by creating jobs and opportunities.  

The goal of this website is to provide families, taxpayers, and other stakeholders with information on how we arrived at this place in time; the options we are looking at to address the challenges we face; the pros and cons of creating a merged interstate school district; and our recommendations for moving forward.

Read more on the Connecticut River Collaborative Planning Committee website.